System Engineering & Integration

I2T views system engineering as an interdisciplinary approach to lifecycle management, maturing a user’s requirements into an architecture and design finalizing (DoDAF) through a system or System of Systems solution.

System Integration and Prototype Build

I2T can integrate commercial off-the-shelf and government off-the-shelf components into systems. We have the capability to design and fabricate these parts as needed.

With an in-office integration and testing lab, I2T can support the customer from prototype build to limited production, whether it’s milling metal panels, designing custom boards, or writing custom controller software.

Key Capabilities:

  • Interface development (physical, digital, software, power)
  • Software/firmware development
  • Hardware fabrication and testing
  • Component trade studies
CAD Drawing on Computer
lifecycle gear illustration

Full Lifecycle Support

We provide complete engineering support for numerous system types—from concept development to final disposal.

  • Material Solution Analysis
  • Technology Development
  • Engineering and Manufacturing Development
  • Engineering Level Testing
  • Production and Deployment
  • Operations and Support

System of Systems

Although most government acquisition policies and processes continue to focus on the development and evolution of individual systems, their requirements are increasingly based on performance gaps in user capabilities that require integration across individual systems.

Increasingly, the role of systems engineering is turning to the engineering of SoS to provide these capabilities, not stand-alone system performance. I2T thrives in this environment having designed and integrated numerous complex SoS and enterprise solutions.

System of systems GBOSS Prototype